Nontu Mgabhi is the General Manager of Human Resources at Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), a world class coal exporting Terminal situated in the Port of Richards Bay, South Africa.

The terminal was established in 1976 and has since grown to a current capacity of 91 million tons per annum (Mt/a). The terminal provides South Africa’s Coal Exporting Parties (CEP’s) with a world class logistics service that facilitates the export of coal.

Nontu believes that she is capable of succeeding as she has conquered a number of challenges in the past. Amongst these chalenges was a non-stop trail running challenge of 100 miles (161km) which she finished in 32:32:00 hours in celebration of her 32nd birthday in 2018. She also participated on the 2018 African Centurion 100 Miler walk in honour the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela. She fi nished the 161km walk in 23:30:00 and achieved 3rd position.

Nontu has also reached the summit of, Mt Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa), prior to running a marathon in the same week. She is a Comrades Marathon Bill Rowan Medal Holder and has completed 4 Comrades Marathons. In the past 5 years Nontu has run at least 10 Marathons and 3 ultra-marathons a year.

Her best time for 42.2km time is 03:26:49 hours. This time around her source of inpiration will be running for a child. She will be running for a child.


Nontu would like to use endurance running as a medium to help improve the learning conditions of children in need through a sustainable community development program.

Nontu has participated in endurance sport for over five years, she decided to turn her natural passion and gift to changing lives of children – to run beyond the pure joy of running and to run for a cause.

The phrase “GO BEYOND FOR A CHILD” is derived from Nontu’s intention to this time around RUN BEYOND the finish line. To run for a child form a vulnerable community. To change the experiences and lives of 675 children (and many more to come after them). Nontu would like to invite you to run with her beyond the finish line through your sponsorship.

“It is my wish that every child receives a fair chance to succeed” – Nontu Mgabhi


Kloppers Inc, a competent and reputable attorney in Richards Bay has been appointed to manage the finances of this project. All the sponsorship money will be paid directly to the attorney’s trust account.

Details of the Attorney:
Frans Marx
Director, Litigation
Telephone: 035 780 7300
Suite 21 Partridge Place,
Lira Link, Richards Bay 3900
PO Box 1659, Richards Bay 3900
Docex 18 Richards Bay

The Finance Committee members are:
• Ms. Q.N Shongwe: School Principal
• Ms. K.N Mchunu: Chairperson
• Ms. S.H Gumede: Treasurer
• Ms. N.N Sibeko: Secretary